Woodhouse is an Average Grupp company which manufactures log houses, saunas and summerhouses.

For over 10 years we have produced handmade log houses from solid wood, mostly square log houses wall thickness 45 mm. For processing logs we use milling equipment that ensures better quality and makes quicker producing process. We use mostly whitewood. Better quality for the log walls gives slowly grown whitewood with very tight year rings. In this case there is no big change of the volume later. We offer dwellings, summerhouses and saunas according our drawings and also possible to make them according to customers drawings and ideas. Already hundreds of years ago, our ancestors used timber as building material.

We do not know whether they also regarded timber as non-allergic
and stress-relieving or just took it for granted to use timber for
building. Timber is the only building material that breathes with you.
Wooden houses have become wonderfully warm thanks to
modern construction technology and heat insulation materials.

The blockhouses have gained increasing popularity among
the population of both Europe and Estonia. The growing
number of people decide namely for the blockhouse in creating
their new home. The resistance and nature-friendliness of
the blockhouses create the harmonic living environment, the
quality of which you can experience throughout your entire
life above your head. Please familiarize with our houses
and in case of interest contact us.